The Day I, Rue, Was Spayed

blog03Mom woke me up very early this morning with hugs and kisses as always. She fed my brother and sister with some of that yummy wet food that we all love sooo much. We hopped in the car and Mommy said “you are getting spayed today Rue!” I had no idea what that meant, however we headed to doggy day care at Doctors Pet Clinic. We stopped at Starbucks; I was playing with my toy in the backseat while Mommy got breakfast. I could not wait to see everyone at DPC. It seemed like forever but we finally arrived.

Mom put me on the scale and said I weighed 27 lbs. We then went to the back area and these pretty ladies walked up to me and pet me while I got my temperature taken. The nice ladies put me up on the counter and poked me with a needle and I quickly fell asleep. I woke up in a nice padded kennel with a lady petting my belly. She gave me some delicious baby food and I patiently waited for more. Since my Mommy works at Doctors Pet Clinic, I got to stay with her all day while recovering from my procedure.

The doctor told my Mom no licking, running, jumping or rough housing for a week or so, but we all know that’s impossible! It was the end of the day and I finally got some yummy food for dinner. I still had no idea what being spayed was, but Mommy said “No licking Rue or you will be in trouble missy.”

All in all, it was a fun day at Doctors Pet Clinic!



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