Maggie Viscioni (Spay Procedure)

I knew something was different this morning when my mom didn’t feed me my breakfast. My brother and sister were fed, while I was rushed quickly to the car. It was only 6:30 am. Where could we be going at this hour? We must be going for a ride to the beach or maybe having breakfast out??!? As we drove down the big hill and headed east, I started to worry. I sat quietly in the car as we pulled up in the familiar parking lot with the sign that reads… DOCTORS PET CLINIC. So, we weren’t going to breakfast and I doubt we are going to the beach.

blog01We walked into the lobby and I was greeted by all the friendly staff. Everybody was so happy to see me and I don’t know WHY? The next thing I know, out walks my trainer! YES, I am here for treats! Nope, she put me on the scale and told my mom I weigh 34lbs. My trainer works at Doctors Pet Clinic, so I must be here to see the doctor again. Funny thing is I feel fine. We go into “the back area” and I get my temperature taken and a lady takes some of my blood! Everybody was talking to me and even holding me. What was all this attention all about? It must be a really special treat!

The kind lady that took my blood then gives me a shot. I start feeling warm and fuzzy and am falling asleep. The last thing I remember is looking up and seeing my doctors face gazing down at me with a smile. I hear music and I am no longer afraid…

I wake up to a wonderful aroma then I hear the ladies call “baby food.” Well, I am a baby so it must be for me! Yes, it is for me. I eat it quickly and patiently wait for more. I spend the afternoon napping on and off. I continue to get lots of love and attention from everybody who walks by me, for some strange reason they like to look at my belly. They say I have a “Pretty belly and the incision from my spay looks good.” What’s an incision? Is it for me to eat? Guess not, they gave me toys to play with instead! I have got these girls wrapped around my fingers!

Next I hear one of the ladies calling my mom, saying I “was ready.” Ready for what I wonder? I am still not even sure why I am here? It’s been great so I am not going to complain!

My mom is in the lobby! I can hear her talking to my trainer. So, I guess we are going to work while I am here. I love to train and everyone always tells me how smart I am. Wrong again, I hear the trainer telling my mom I have to rest and stay quiet for 7 days. I am not allowed to run, jump or play rough. Really, how is that possible?? Well, I guess with enough treats, anything is PAWSIBLE! It’s been a great day at Doctors Pet Clinic…I can’t wait to come back!

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