It’s Hot! Keep Your Pet Cool and SAFE!

It's Hot! Keep Your Pet Cool and SAFE!The temperature is supposed to reach a high of 106 degrees today, so we want to remind pet owners to keep their pets cool! Our pets cannot regulate their own temperature easily like us humans can (did you know a dog only has sweat glands in their paws?), so it’s important to help them out when the heat starts to bear down on us.

Make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water throughout the day, especially if you are not monitoring them. And always provide a spot where they can cool down and rest. When it gets this hot outside, we have to remember to replenish water more frequently and make sure our pets aren’t over-exerting themselves physically.

Another thing to keep in mind is hot pavement or asphalt. The ground can get extremely hot outside, hot enough to burn paws. If the ground is too hot for you to touch for more than a few seconds, it’s too hot for paws!

You should also know the signs of heat stroke, and what to do in case of emergency. Read the infographics below for more information on heat stroke.

And last but not least, NEVER, EVER, leave a dog in a hot car unattended, even with the window cracked. The temperature inside rises rapidly, and can be fatal.

It's Hot! Keep Your Pet Cool and SAFE!

It's Hot! Keep Your Pet Cool and SAFE!


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