About Pet Insurance

At Doctors Pet Clinic, we recommend pet health insurance to nearly all our clients. It’s a great way to budget for pet health care costs and protect yourself financially in the case of an unexpected accident or illness. Pet health insurance provides peace of mind knowing you won’t face future vet bills alone. Coverage typically includes reimbursement for:

  • Emergency visits
  • Exams
  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab tests
  • Hospitalization
  • X-rays

Pet insurance is different from human health insurance:

  • You pay your veterinarian upfront
  • You’ll be reimbursed a percentage of your vet bill based on the details of your plan
  • You choose any licensed vet, including specialists and emergency clinics

Nationwide Pet Insurance

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Nationwide is the only Veterinary Insurance company that comes with a personal representative. Jessica Sanchez is wonderful and will help guide you through any questions about pet insurance to make sure that your pet is protected and that you understand your coverage to get the maximum out of your plans. She can be reached at or on her website at

Nationwide offers it’s newest and most comprehensive plan giving pet parents 90% reimbursement on their vet bill, Whole Pet with Wellness. One annual deductible and covers more than any other company. That’s why they call it the BEST PET INSURANCE EVER!

Nationwide offers Everyday Care for your pet, which allows you to give your loved one the care they need. Everyday Care allows your pet to see any veterinarian, and your coverage also begins in less than 24 hours. There’s also no deductible, making this an excellent plan for many pet owners.

To learn more about Nationwide Everyday Care coverage or any of their other Insurance plans, click here to read more and get a quote.


InsuranceTrupanion makes pet insurance simple and easy to understand. Their comprehensive pet insurance policy covers surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, treatments, hereditary conditions and hospital stays if your pet gets sick or injured. They also reimburse from your actual veterinary bill so you don’t have to worry about a predetermined benefit schedule.

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Pets Best Insurance

Once you’ve decided pet insurance is right for you, you’ll need to decide which provider to choose. We recommend Pets Best Insurance to our clients because of the excellent benefits they offer:

  • Plans from less than $1 per day
  • 80% of your actual vet bill reimbursed after a deductible*
  • No upper age limits
  • Routine care coverage available
  • No medical records required to enroll
  • Chronic and ongoing condition coverage
  • No enrollment or processing fees
  • Most claims processed within 5 business days
  • Fast direct deposit reimbursement

To visit the Pets Best Insurance website and receive a 5% discount on your policy, click the banner ad on this page. Please note, we don’t accept any referral fees from Pets Best Insurance. We simply want you and your pet to have the best coverage available. Of course, we are happy to treat your pet and help you with claim forms regardless of the pet insurance company you choose. Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s health!

*per incident limits apply
This material describes Pets Best Insurance plans in general terms. Eligible expenses and coverage may vary, depending on your plan selection. All pet insurance plans have limitations and exclusions. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change.

Why 24PetWatch Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a safety net designed to protect your pet and wallet when the unexpected happens. Today’s veterinary care can provide your pet the latest medical advancements, but this expertise can be costly. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance offers pet owners a method of budgeting for the unexpected through a series of affordable monthly payments, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t have to make a difficult decision regarding your pet’s health and the care it deserves.

24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs offers choices to ensure that no matter the illness or accident, you are financially prepared for the medical attention that your pet needs. Select the option that works best for both your pet and your wallet. Call 1-866-597-2424 for additional coverage level options.

More than one in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. Two out of every three pets will experience a significant health problem during their lifetime. Costs associated with your pet’s health can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars – are you financially prepared for your pet’s future healthcare costs?

Rapid advances in medical treatment for pets mean they can receive extraordinary care, but it comes at a cost. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs offer you the flexibility to ensure your dog has the care they need.

Pet Insurance is the safety net that you and your pet deserve. 24PetWatch Pet Insurance Programs help ensure that no matter the illness or accident, you are financially prepared for the medical attention your pet needs. Designed with you in mind, our flexible insurance lets you choose the coverage limit that best suits your pet and your wallet.

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CareCredit is different from a regular credit card. Use it to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance, and special financing options are available that you may not be able to get with other cards.