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blog05I knew something was wrong when my mom avoided kisses from me! Words like “bad breath” and “tartar buildup” were now part of our regular conversation. I just turned 10 and I’m feeling better than ever. I have always had chew toys and kibble to nibble on, but my mouth does feel funny sometimes.

A few days later, mom packed me up early (without breakfast!) and took me to my vet’s office, Doctors Pet Clinic, with the promise of “see you later today!” I followed the girls to the back (maybe they had my breakfast) and stood still as they listened to my heart, took my temperature (hey!), and drew some blood. I must have passed all their tests with flying colors because the next thing I knew, I was on a table and things got fuzzy and zzzzzzz…

When I woke up, my mouth felt different. My teeth were smooth and clean – no tartar anymore! And minty fresh breath.

When mom picked me up later that day, the doctor showed her x-rays of my teeth. No cavities for me! The best part of the whole day was mom letting me kiss her again – it was all worth it for that moment!

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