Abigial Laurin Christmas Vacation

blog02Yesterday my mom started packing up her suitcase and I got really excited. I knew it meant that she was going to go on another trip. Although I am going to miss her greatly, it meant that I got to go spend a couple days at Doctors Pet Clinic! I sure do love it there! And I was right. This morning, my mom woke me up early (too early). She packed up my food, my bed, and my special sock monkey (I couldn’t imagine life without him) and we were off to DPC. Once there, my mom kissed me goodbye and she said she’d be back in a couple of days. The nice ladies up front hugged me and they always tell me how cute I am (duuuhhh). I even get to hang out in the lobby with Joyce and Laurie as long as I’m quiet. I love it up there! They make sure to talk to me all day long and lots of new people say hi to me as well. Everybody loves me, as they should. I also get to talk to the cats. I get along with Forrest and Peaches really well, although they occasionally steal a bite of my food. Sometimes the big dogs scare me if they get too close but I bark and tell them that I’m the boss (at 7 lbs, this Maltese is always the boss). I wish those big dogs would learn. I really like my walks too, of course, as any dog does, and my friends at DPC make sure I get plenty of them! After a couple of days (that practically fly by) my mom comes to pick me up. I missed her SO much, but I know that Doctors Pet Clinic will always be my home away from home. See you guys next time!



Amy Strickland

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